The SPS 530 snow sweeper was specially designed for winter service at airports and in accordance with the
Kahlbacher philosophy it is driven by the carrier vehicle.

In order to meet the high requirements at the airport, the main focus has been placed on high performance and excellent sweeping characteristics at high clearing speeds.

This resulted in the trailer version, which provides sufficient clearance for snow ejection and due to the available
steering axle, it still offers a low turning radius and excellent directional stability.


  • Airport towed sweeper with high performance 
  • Drive via the rear PTO shaft of the tractor
  • Optimized sweeping performance due to a larger center distance
  • High performance brush in proven cassette system
  • Adjustable wheels on the brush body with setting indicator
  • Adjustable spoiler on the brush body for distance adjustment to the brush wear
  • Swivel range of the sweeping brush 25°
  • Small turning radius and good tracking with steered axle
  • Optimum coverage of plough clearance profile
  • Robust HD drive with overload protection and ramp-down function

Additional equipment (optional)

  • Pneumatic braking system
  • Steering axle
Technical data

SPS 530

Diameter sweeper brush[mm]955
Width sweeper brush[mm]5320
Sweeping width (25°)[mm]4860
Total width (0°)[mm]5940
Total width (25°)[mm]5575
Total length[mm]7330
Total height approx.[mm]2330
Brush pivoting range 25°
Drive power approx. 81 kW (110 PS)
Total weight ready for operation approx.[kg]*4600