75 years Kahlbacher

Snow cutter blowers for every challenge

Snow cutter blowers product overview

75 years Kahlbacher

Snow ploughs for all areas

Snow ploughs product overview

75 years Kahlbacher

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75 years Kahlbacher

Quality MADE in Austria

About Kahlbacher Machinery GmbH

Kahlbacher is the specialist for winter service equipment and the right address for overcoming winter challenges on all traffic routes.

The family company based in Kitzbühel, embedded in the snowy Tyrolean Alps, was founded in 1949 and has been setting the benchmarks in snow clearing with a lot of know-how and technical sophistication ever since.


The factories in Kitzbühel and Amstetten are considered to be the gunsmith in the industry, because what the heart of a winter operator really desires is developed and built here.

Snow cutter blowers and snow blowers which are trimmed for power and performance, which get the maximum out of the carrier vehicles and know no mercy in the fight against snow and ice.

Robust and aggressive snow plows, which drive the mechanical clearing to the bitter end and remove the snow from the roadway with a good amount of roll, until the last snowflake has been cleared away.

A Kahlbacher product is developed and built to only come to a rest when the runway has been cleared and free and safe travel has been ensured.

Giving up is not an option, because our slogan is our philosophy:



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