Convincing features

In addition to its robust construction, the PRAXOS impresses with its dynamic clearing behavior in demanding operations. With its aggressive angle of attack for efficient mechanical snow removal and its excellent ejection of snow, the PRAXOS ensures that the road is thoroughly cleared of snow and ice.

The PRAXOS Pro, with its additional damping bar, stands for touble-free driving over obstracles and professional work on all surfaces.

PRAXOS Pro 340 | Sliding blade snow plough


Clearing width at 30°[mm]3335
Clearing width at 34°[mm]3195
Width of cutting edge[mm]3850
Plough width[mm]4115
Plough height center[mm]1200
Plough height far[mm]1350
Number of blades5
Angle of attack20°
Plough weight approx.[kg]*1340