Automatic re-setting overload protection

Overload protection of the spiral cutters is ensured through a wear-free CAM-type clutch built into the axle gear input. When switching off, the blower wheel continue to run, eliminating chute blockage, minimising downtime, with optimum protection against damage and automatic start-up when the
cutter drive is switched on again.

Open clearing system

The "open" clearing system guarantees problem-free
processing of all types of snow, from slush to frozen snow.

Precise coordination

  • The precise coordination between the blower wheel and
    cutter spiral speeds allows long throwing distances with
    maximum power utilisation.
  • It is driven by the power hydraulic system of the carrier

Snow blower chute

The rotating chutes with a range of approx. 210 degrees with infinitely variable hydraulic adjustment.

Attachment versions

  • Suitable for attachment to ski slope vehicles (snow groomers).
  • Vehicle quick release coupler with lifting unit on vehicle side.


  • Hydraulic side shift to the left and right for variable use
  • Specially shaped spiral cutters in front of blower wheel for an optimised filling level.
  • Specially shaped blower wheel for optimised displacement.
  • Very short attachment for low axle loads.

KFS 750/2700 HP | Rotary Snow Blower


Clearing width[mm]2700
Cutter auger diameter[mm]750
Impeller diameter[mm]750
Clearing height up to approx.[mm]1100
Throwing range up to approx.[m]30
Weight* approx.[kg]*1050
Height to chutemm1250