The HKS 290 is a rear-mounted snow plough for rail vehicles. On one hand it allows the thorough snow removal between the rails – a low clearing rail reaches as far as 50 mm below the top of the rail – on the other hand it is used to widen the track. Thanks to its specific design, it creates a pull effect which throws the snow far away. The swing-out-blades can be swung in together or separately and so the width in transport position is reduced to approx. 2.4 m. Optionally with depth limitation, electronic transport-position monitoring, opposite-track blocking.

Clearing width at 30°[mm]2585
Clearing width at 34°[mm]2475
Plough width[mm]3180
Plough height center[mm]1120
Plough height outside[mm]1345
Number of blades 2
Plough weight approx.[kg]*830