Easier Handling and more efficiency

The ASP 450 features an elastic override protection and guarantees an efficient, thorough and also gentle highway snow clearing.

Even if the enlargement section is folded in, it can be operated without any limitation – narrow passages like highway on- and off-ramps can be cleared easily.

ASP 450 | Highway Snow Plough

ASP 450

Clearing width at 30° / 32° / 34°[mm]4550 / 4455 / 4355
Clearing width at 30° – enlargement section folded[mm]3450
Plough width[mm]5380
Passage width at 30°[mm]4700
Passage width at 30°– enlargement section folded[mm]3800
Plough height[mm]1065
Number of blades 4 + 1
Angle of attack 10°
Plough weight approx.[kg]*1590